Vote in our Quarantine Photo Contest!

Vote for your favorite photo of dogs and their families finding creative ways to entertain themselves during isolation. Votes are $1.00 and you can vote for multiple dogs as many times as you want!

Marty making sure the backyard squirrels are maintaining responsible social distancing”

Votes: 50

“Gardening! We have been tearing up (munching on) grass to refresh our garden before spring!”

Votes: 14

“Annie is enjoying quarantine because she gets more outside time now that her humans are home!”

Votes: 10

“Practicing being off-leash while soaking up some sunshine and fresh air.”

Votes: 32

“Lilly getting away from the TV and enjoying peace and quiet in the sun!”

Votes: 8

“Henry has been practicing yoga. He’s gotten especially good at down dog!”

Votes: 9

“Spike has been enjoying his social distancing #cuddlestyle”

Votes: 30

“In light of recent events, Charlie has been promoted to “supplies” supervisor”

Votes: 10