How You Can Help

We’ve been getting creative trying to come up with safe ways to continue to support Project POOCH in lieu of our usual Outreach and Fundraising events. Below are some easy and mostly FREE ways to support POOCH while social distancing!


We want to hear about how Project POOCH has impacted you! Do you have a #POOCHAlum that you want to share an update on? Do you know someone that was in our program? Have you been volunteering with us? How has Project POOCH changed your life, and why do you choose to support us?

Send us an email! Photos encouraged. 


Knowing why Project POOCH is important to our community helps us to better tell its story! Sharing these testimonies on social media, in newsletters, and with people we meet helps to inspire more people to join and support Project POOCH. We also get to share these stories with the youth in the program, and it’s so sweet for them to know they are making a difference!



Help POOCH and the environment in a simple way – give us your bottles and cans. We provide blue BottleDrop bags with special stickers that have our account number on them. You fill up the bag with redeemable containers, and then take them to any BottleDrop location (Freddies usually has one!) or the LO Outreach office. No sorting, no icky soda hands, and the money is put right in our account! 

Contact us to get started with bags! We can mail them or drop them off, no charge. Email  Only available for OR supporters. 


Fundraising! Money raised from redeemed bottles and cans go directly to supporting the continued operation of our program, and changes the lives of youth and dogs alike!

Times are uncertain, but our mission stays the same. We need our amazing community now, possibly more than ever before. 

Here are a few more ways you can still help Project POOCH while following CDC guidance:

    • Make a gift to help us to continue moving the program forward during a time of insecurity. Our kennel is closed to the public, but our incredible youth and kennel managers are still caring for the dogs every day. While things may have slowed down for some of us, the dogs still need food, medical care, exercise, toys, and treats, and the youth still need educational and vocational support.
    • Adopt a dog. Adopting a pet is a big responsibility and not to be done on a whim, but if you’ve been planning on getting a dog, now might be the time.
    • Host a Facebook fundraiser for POOCH
    • Check out our new merch store. Every purchase helps support the youth and dogs, and they are so cute!