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Darla, a Project POOCH Graduate


At Project POOCH, one of our favorite things (other than seeing a pooch find their forever home or a youth turn their life around) is receiving updates from adopters on how our POOCH alums are doing.

We are thrilled to share these updates we’ve received from our POOCH adopters. These are Happy Tails that demonstrate success in action!

Happy endings like these are only possible because of your support! Please share this story with your friends so that we can spread awareness about our mission to save shelter dogs and help incarcerated youth to learn about respect, compassion and patience  and to develop vocational skills that allow them to bring value back to their respective communities upon their release. 

#Project_pooch #adoptdontshop

If you’ve adopted from Project POOCH and have an update you’d like to share, we’d LOVE to hear from you! Please email us at

Lucy, in her new home

Lucy (November 2017)

Sweet Lucy was surrendered to her local shelter after her owners moved to a new apartment that didn't allow dogs, but as luck would have it, one of our handlers came across this happy little girl and couldn't help but take her back to our kennel at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, OR where the youth would feed, groom and train her for adoption.

Little Lucy wouldn't stay there long for long though! After her dog of 18 years passed away, Connie Mack was looking for a new companion to give a loving home and Lucy was exactly the right fit. Little Lucy truly won the forever home lotto when she was adopted in November of 2017 (Just in time to send the holidays in a loving home) by Connie.

Lucy's new mom says that she's the best gift she ever could have asked for! Since Connie is retired, she and Lucy get to spend all day every day together. In fact, Lucy's mom says that Lucy's been working on her professional bed warming skills and is a grade-A snuggler!

Thank you for giving our little Lucy such a loving home, Connie!

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Oscar (May 2017)

Oscar was adopted from Project POOCH in August of 2013. Oscar's owner, Tashia, says

I refer everyone in search for a dog about this organization, and plan to support you guys wholeheartedly as a token of my appreciation for bringing this little bundle of joy into my life. He's helped me through an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and cuddles me religiously every night, regardless.

Oscar, 2013 POOCH Alum Oscar, 2013 POOCH Alum Oscar, 2013 POOCH Alum enjoying the ride

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POOCH Alum JoeyJoey (April 2017)

Thanks to Debby Schneider for supplying this update on POOCH alum Joey:

We've had Joey now for 5 years and everyday we have him we are grateful. :) He is just as wonderful as he has always been!

I can't express my thanks enough to the youth and staff at POOCH! You all make a huge difference in so many ways!



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Peanut (July, 2016)

Peanut (formerly Cory) and his new family

CLICK on the picture above to watch Peanut play with his new brother.

Donald Anderson shares the story of Peanut's adoption:

My family and I had two dogs from Project POOCH. First came Corey, the 45lb Red Heeler Mix. A great dog that LOVES kids!

Then came Bentley the Chiweenie. My beloved little man. It took him a little while but he also is a wonderful dog, not quite as enamored with children but he does ok. .

Then, one day I notice a Chihuahua on Project POOCH's web site. I think to myself, well that little guy is going to go fast! Time passes. I occasionally go to the POOCH website and he is still there! After about a year, I notice his is still there and begin to think that I want to check into this little guy.

It took a little while to get my wife on board but eventually we packed Corey and Bentley into the car and went to visit 'Cory' the Chihuahua. That trip was interesting because while the dogs got along fine, 'Cory' as he was known then, would have nothing to do with us, and in fact was a little wild man growling and barking.

This did not turn us off on the little guy so we arranged for a home visit. Sampson from Project POOCH had a great idea! We drove back to POOCH on that same day with a sweaty shirt from both me and my son in plastic bags. In the next week, 'Cory' slept with our shirts to get used to our smell.

During the week we were waiting, we were trying to come up with another name for the little guy as we already had a dog named Corey! My son came up with the name Peanut and we instantly knew that was his name!

The big day came and Joan Dalton brought Peanut out to us. I could see that Joan was a little nervous leaving him with us and assured me that she could come back and pick him up if it did not work out. About 5 minutes after she left, I opened the door to the kennel and Peanut started his new life as a member of our family.

There were challenges. He was a scared little man and it took him a few days to figure out that he was in a loving home.

We are now 3 weeks in, with people coming and going, and Peanut has fully adjusted to his new life! Bentley and him are now the best of friends and I am very happy to report that Peanut does not favor any 1 member of the family as some Chihuahuas are apt to do. He will sit with me, my wife, my granddaughters, my sons. He knows he is in a safe, loving environment and is now very secure.

I found out he had gone on one other home visit before us that did not work out. I'm glad we took the time to let him adjust. He is a very loving and fun little dog.

My advice to people checking out a dog at Project POOCH, don't let however the dog might act while at POOCH be the sole reason for your decision. Peanut was a wild man at POOCH. Now he is fun and loving! Well worth a few challenging days in the beginning.

Oh, and by the way, I typed this at an awkward angle as I have a little man named Peanut sitting in my lap!"

- Donald Anderson July 2nd 2016

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Kaylee and FamilyKaylee (January, 2016)

We've had Kaylee for just about a month now and have been amazed how much she has grown and snuggled in to the family. When Makai brought her up, she weighed 8 pounds with her hip bones, ribs and spine ridges visible. She is up to 11 pounds, but little of it fat. From going in and out she is developing a downy undercoat and is less sensitive to cold. Originally she had to have a sweater on to go out, but now comes and goes without. She still doesn't like rain, but will tolerate a rain jacket. She came in a leash harness that now fits as a hat that won't quite fit over her head.

We have an automatic dog door that opens in response to a magnet on her collar and she now uses the dog door unprompted. She hasn't had an accident in the house for about a week now and only once in the last two weeks, so we are officially calling her house trained.

In other developments, she watches TV with great intensity (and barks at dogs, camels, horses and sheep), plays fetch reliably and goes absolutely bonkers chasing a laser dot, even though she knows precisely where it comes from.

Kaylee has molars coming in and has to spend a lot of time gnawing on a water buffalo horn. We have had to use bitter apple spray to keep her from grinding away on some bamboo furniture trim, but the water buffalo horn seems to keep her satisfied. The horn was too heavy for her to pick up, but she has found a way to drag it from place to place.

We think that she is working out very nearly perfect for us.

We want to express deep appreciation to you and the folks at Project POOCH.
~Jim and Family

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Squall (January, 2016)

Yesterday was Squall's (maybe) second birthday. He got to go for a run on the beach (like every day since we moved to the coast!), and for a hike with the family. Unfortunately I didn't bring my phone for either of these events, but here are some other photos of him during his 2nd year of life. Looking forward to another lively year! Thanks for letting us adopt him :-)

Squall's 2nd year of life in photos!

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Roy, Mila and Kate

Roy Loves Skijoring (January, 2016)


I was reminded/inspired to send in a pupdate on Roy, who I've had since the summer of 2009. Roy and I have been enjoying our favorite winter sport of skijoring and added a new member to the team - Mila, also a rescue - a couple of years ago now. Despite Roy's best efforts, we are very slow due to my poor skate ski skills, but we have a great time. We have competed in the Frog Lake and Chemult races so far this year, plan to attend a few more, and train every weekend. Recently, we were mentioned in the newspaper here along with some lovely photos, courtesy of Kevin N. Hume of the Herald & News. You will notice that Roy saves a little show-boating for the finish line; he loves all the praise an attention involved with finishing.


Roy, Milo and Kate skijoring

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Simba in the Snow





Simba (January, 2016)

This day is the third anniversary of first seeing Simba at Project POOCH - thank you to a wonderful program for saving and training this terrific dog. He is well loved!"



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Squall and his ribbons, Sept 2015


Squall succeeds in Agility (September, 2015)

Squall would like to say that he has been happily been in his forever home for 6 months today, and that he even has two [agility] Qs to his name as of last weekend there are some smarty pants brains in that handsome head.

~Squall's mom


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Buddy II and his new dad

Buddy II (October, 2015)

Twenty-one years ago Linda Hines, Executive Director of the Delta Society which is now Pet Partners, was a keynote speaker at the opening ceremony for Project POOCH. She was responsible for obtaining our first grant ($10,000) to begin building kennels for our first POOCH dogs – Grover and Spirit.

Linda recently called to say her brother, a veteran, needed a companion dog and she knew Project POOCH could help. She and her brother spent the better part of the day visiting the program and discussing dog possibilities over lunch.

Buddy II chose Wayne and there was no looking back. The bond between the two gets stronger each day.

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Huckleberry (October, 2015)


Huckleberry (formerly Hercules) has been a part of our family since 2010.

We've added two children since then, and he has dealt with the transition with patience and enthusiasm.

He is amazing with children and enjoys belly rubs, going for walks, and being around people.

We are so thankful for Project POOCH and for all the work you did to help him become the loving, patient, happy dog that he is.

Thank you!

Huck at the beach

Huck with a stick

Huck with Ezra


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Leo (October, 2015)

In honor of Adopt a Black Dog day here's a photo of Project POOCH alumnus Leo! We adopted him a little over two years ago and he's a wonderful, beautiful part of our family!

Thanks Project POOCH! ❤ The photo on the left is Leo the day we adopted him and the right is Leo now. We love him so much!

Leo, POOCH Alum

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Jack (Jackson Salvador MacLaren, formerly, Jet) (October, 2015)

Jet at home

Today, October 1st, is Adopt a Black Dog Day!!! This is Jackson Salvador MacLaren (formally known as Jet - yup THAT Jet!) and I have the honor of being his adopter! !! It was from this Project POOCH Photo with him and his ball that I fell for this guy back in April 2015!! What a find he was!!! He is everything I wanted in a big dog -- a big lovable knuckehead!!! Best times are every minute spent with him, whether taking a walk, jumping in a running creek bed, and waking up next to him in the morning! !

He's my protector, my confidante and that big fuzz butt who loves to take a few licks of my unattended coffe cup ... Truly, he is the one who rescued me!!! The best things in life often include a dog, and in this case, it was THE dog!!!

Thank you, Project POOCH for taking such good care of him so I could adopt him !!!! I am so grateful and proud to say he is mine!!!!

Lilly at the BeachLilly As Lively As Ever!  (September, 2015)

We are celebrating 5 years with Lilly! She is now 11 years old, but still loves to chase her ball just like she is a puppy! We often take her to the beach, but usually we are cuddling with her at home. It has been a wonderful 5 years. We are so fortunate to have her in our lives. She is truly part of our family. We are grateful to the POOCH staff and youth who rescue dogs like Lilly. I remember how Lilly loved working with her youth trainer.

Laura, Chris, Matt, Thomas and "Lilly-dog"

Lilly and her favorite balls Lilly and her OTHER favorite ball


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Murphy enjoying the good life (August, 2015)

Murphy vacationing with his familyProject POOCH,

Just wanted to give you an update on how Murphy (Kye) is doing. He is doing really well. He loves going on hikes, playing on the beach and especially running in the water. We took him to Cannon Beach for the first time and he loved it. Murphy can never get enough of playing with tennis balls. He has been very good at chasing the bunnies and deer from our yard. I have attached some pictures of Murphy. We couldn't be happier and can't thank you enough for helping us find the perfect dog.

Best wishes,
Morgan, Sydney, Susan, Jim, and Murphy

Murphy on a hike Murphy with a ball Murphy with human sister Summer

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Jet found a home! (June, 2015)

POOCH alum, Jet We wanted to share the awesome news about Jet. In case you hadn't heard, after 9 months, Jet finally found his forever home!

During his time at Project POOCH, he and his youth trainer worked to master his basic commands like sit, stay, and come, and successfully pass his Canine Good Citizen test. Every day, Jet received the love, socialization, time, attention, and training he needed to keep him happy and healthy and ready for when that magic moment came. Last month, it finally did when the perfect human companion for him found him online and came to visit. As his new mom, Adana, said:

"He's a fine canine!"

A fine canine indeed… all 85 goofy, loving, and playful pounds of him!

POOCH Alum Jet, on his way to his new homeJet's story is a reminder of how hard the youth work to successfully adopt out the dogs in their care. They never give up hope that a dog will find their forever home, just like we don't give up hope on the youth building a better life.

Jet's leaving was bittersweet for his trainer. After all, they spent 9 months bonding, growing, learning, and being friends. We are so proud of his efforts and his patience. Thanks to his personal commitment and love for Jet, Jet is now happily enjoying life in a loving home.


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Sadie, formerly Heidi, learns to swim & loves car rides (June, 2015)

Sadie, formerly Heidi, a happy POOCH alum

I was at a little local toy store on a cool day~~gone briefly. When I got back, this is what I found. Ms Priss does not normally ride in the front seat. It was a hoot to see her there!!

In the car she rides in the back seat. If I lower her window enough for the wind to blow in her face, she sits and seemingly enjoys it. Then she looks like Eleanor Roosevelt. Princess E.

She loves the hose and I had her doing agility jumps with it today. LOL. I hope all is well and that new dogs are coming online too. It is a wonderful service you offer the young men, the dogs and those of us who adopt. They and you are always in our hearts.


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Rusty is having the time of his life!    (June, 2015)

Oh boy are we having a grand time together. He's such a sweetheart, and in this heat I've discovered just how much he loves running after the sprinkler, so much fun!! I can't rave enough about the amazing work that Project POOCH does for these dogs. I'm so very, very grateful to have Rusty (Boss) in my life as he has truly shown what it means to love, and be loved!

Rusty (formerly Boss) a happy POOCH alumRusty, living the good life!












He so quickly became a part of the family, that it surprises many to find out I only adopted him in October, feels like it's been longer. We've already gone on some fun trips together, including taking him sailing (outfitted him with a life jacket of course) hiking, and the occasional road trip, he loves it all! I have Project POOCH to thank for helping me find my best bud!

Please feel free to share this update with anyone, I've also attached a few photos from his latest adventures!

~ Abby

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POOCH alum Lexi, 2015


Lexi's livin' the good life! (May 2015)

I adopted Lexi from Project POOCH in 2009. She has been such a wonderful, quirky little dog.

I love her so much and feel so lucky that she is part of the family :-)




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POOCH Alum Jazzy, 2015



Jazzy is still herself LOL! (May 2015)

She hasn't slowed down a bit.  She's like a 10 year old big puppy.

I've included some pictures to share with those that have worked with her in the past.

~J.R. & Kyle



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Cash — still young at heart (May 2015)

POOCH alum, StewieI just read the interview with Cash's former trainer, M., on your website. I'm so happy to read about his successes. Attached is a photo of Cash from his 13th birthday last Sunday. He is doing great - he still loves chasing balls, and he still jumps in the back of the car every morning to go work with me. We're so grateful he's been a part of our lives for the last 9 years.


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Daisy is the perfect dog for our family (May 2015)

Daisy is, as I told you, doing wonderfully. She is an eager walking/running/hiking partner - and yet just as eager to curl up with her head on your leg and catch up on Netflix! The perfect mix for my household! She has proven to be a hit with the small kids in my neighborhood, patiently letting them pull on her ears and drool on her, waiting for her turn to sneak in a kiss.
POOCH alum Daisy, 2015
Daisy is also really great with the elderly, having adopted my grandparents in the last few months of their lives, curling up for a nap with Grandpa and sitting at Grandma's feet in the dog bed kept at their house for Daisy's Monday night visits while I was at class. Grandma loved being able to have her "own" dog every Monday for a few hours, and I'm pretty sure that many treats were passed along to Daisy in the great tradition of grandmothers everywhere. After my grandfather's stroke, the only time he would initiate conversation was with Daisy, and she was more than glad to have his attention!

I got a BarkBox subscription for Daisy soon after we adopted her (through the link that supports Project POOCH, of course!). This has turned out to be one of the best - and funniest - things we could have done. You see, Daisy was scared of toys and dog bones when we brought her home. She leapt from bones in fear, viewed balls with suspicion, and was sure with every squeak that the toys most dogs love were out to get her. With time, love, and the arrival of each new BarkBox with its assortment of goodies to try out, Daisy has blossomed into the kind of dog that proudly prances into the room with a dog toy firmly grasped in her mouth, squeaking merrily all the way! Now she is sure that each box that arrives in the mail is for her, and eagerly comes to attention every time the cupboard that houses her toys and rawhide chews opens.

POOCH alum Daisy, 2015On sunny days Daisy can be found sitting on the patio, vigilantly guarding the yard from squirrels, or sunning herself in the grass or warm gravel. The recent rain has her very disappointed - Daisy does not like to be wet!

While Daisy will never be the most confident dog, she is doing really well with meeting - and enjoying - new people. She no longer hides behind my legs every time someone comes near, or under the table when we take her to a restaurant's patio. Now we just have to work on meeting other dogs!

Tell Daisy's trainer and all the other youth they've done a great job with Daisy, and that we're spreading the word about Project POOCH to everyone we meet when out with Daisy. I've even met a few POOCH alums and other people who have gotten dogs from Project POOCH around town. We couldn't be happier with Daisy or our experience with Project POOCH, and as you can see from the pictures I've attached, Daisy isn't being spoiled at all!

With many thanks,


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Mona in the water



Love! Love! Love! (April 2015)

We adopted Mona from Project POOCH nearly 10 years ago! Love Love Love!"




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Stewie provides emotional support to his dad, a combat veteran
(April, 2015)

POOCH alum, Stewie

We proudly adopted Stewie 2-1/2 years ago. The moment we laid eyes on him we knew he was meant for our family. We were told that he didn't have good showing at other homes. We just believed it was because he was meant for only us. Stewie's biggest hurdle was trust. Once he learned to trust us then he also fell in love with us as well. He didn't get along with our daughter who was 7 at the time but she had surgery two months after we got him and he sat with her through her recovery. Now they are best of buddies. His greatest accomplishment: he is now a certified service dog! My husband Joe is a combat veteran who struggles with the effects of PTSD. Stewie is now his emotional support dog and travels with us almost everywhere. He has made our love of traveling more a reality because he can go and help my husband! Stewie loves to go to the beach and play in the sand and chase the birds. He is the best dog ever, with a very funny personality. We are very blessed to have him as part of our family. He may have come to us very rough around the edges, but he is thriving and just needed some tough unconditional love!! Thank you POOCH for all you do!!


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POOCH Alum Bandit


Happy 5th Anniversary, Bandit!
(April, 2015)

This week marks our 5 year anniversary with Bandit. I know Project POOCH really wanted to find a good fit for Bandit and I am forever grateful you trusted us to be his forever home. I remember when the volunteer dropped him off and warned that he spent the night at her house pacing and whining. I knew from the start that I wouldn't need the whole trial period, it was love at first sight. Thanks for all you do, Project POOCH!


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POOCH alum, Ronnie


Having a ball! (April 2015)

Had a great Sunday at the dog park with our Project POOCH pup Ronny! He LOVES fetch!





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Bonnie learns to trust with loving family (April, 2015)

We received this lovely update about POOCH alum Bonnie. She's gone from being a shy girl, to one who accepts and knows love.

Bonnie in 2015Hi! We adopted Bonnie, our Great Pyrenees about 3 years ago.  We are completely spoiling our sweet Bonnie - please know she is thriving and a big part of our family, I can rarely go for a walk or an outing without her jumping in the car or grabbing her leash!

When we first adopted Bonnie we knew she had been abused as we couldn't pet her from her nose to her forehead without her flinching. If she was laying on the floor and we put our feet near her, she would freak out. With patience and trust, Bonnie is allowing us to put treats on her nose and she can catch them, she gets nightly foot massages as we all read at night. She figured out our king bed is more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. She knows when it is 3:30 and the kids are coming home from school, as she paces the fence line until they walk up the hill then runs to the front door.  

She has been such a gift to our family. We are forever thankful for the work of rescuing precious dogs and allowing them to find forever homes and making a family complete. Her sweet old lady spirit is shining thru every day!!!


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Squall, known as Wallie at POOCH, loves playing with doggie sibling, Cricket (March, 2015)

Squall, playing with sibling Cricket

Besides walking and hunting squirrels together, their favorite joint activity is playing tug on our lawn, in case you hadn't noticed!

They prefer Squall's leash to tug toys.


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An update from POOCH alum, Joey      (March, 2015)

Hi Guys!

I want to wish all my POOCH brothers and sisters the happiest of New Years! I am doing excellent here in my forever home. It has been 3 years since I came here. I fit in so very well and am so, so loved. My grandma makes a joke that if we do reincarnate she wants to come back as me. I make a fantastic friend and my mom tells me I am truly an answer to her prayers. My favorite thing is just to go with my family where ever they go. Even if it's errands around town. I am just as happy as can be with my family. My job here is simply to be a companion. I love it and I'm excellent at it!! Life here is easy for me cause I don't have to want for absolutely anything. I have free reign of the house and huge fenced yard. There is a dog door that allows me to come and go as I please but, I prefer if someone opens the door for me instead. My mom has a back door that leads from her bedroom to the back yard and she leaves it slightly cracked for me so I can push it open without using that darn dog door. Who came up with those things anyway? ....I'm not fond of the dog door.....POOCH alum Joey dozes in the car with a small friend

I love going for walks with any of my family members and just to hang out too. I am a pretty mellow guy and I just love to be close to my family. I have kids of all different ages around me and I love them all. I am very good with all the kids. The kids absolutely love me too!

My mom and grandma buy me "mini crib mattresses" instead of a dog bed. They found that they are about the same size and offer better support and keep me higher off the floor than the best dog bed. I have one in the living room by the front window. Of course, one in my mom's room by her bed. She and I go to bed at the same time every night. Of course she covers me up with my fuzzy blanket before she gets in bed. Oh how I LOVE my fuzzy blankets. A while ago mom gave me a comforter while my fuzzy blankets were being washed. Well, I don't really prefer the comforters. So I just went to her bed and pulled two of her fuzzys off her bed and brought them to my bed. :) That's more like it! Needless to say we have a lot of fuzzy blankets at our house, all of us like them. So I think mom got the hint. Now when she washes my blankets, she replaces them with more fuzzys! For Christmas I got a new green fuzzy. I love it!!

I turned 5 not too long ago and my family took me to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone!!! Oh how I love my Dairy Queen cones! During the summer when my family gets ice cream they always get me a cone too. Some would call it spoiled. I call it well loved at home. :)

I love all you guys very much and hope everyone is doing well at POOCH. One last thing...if you see or hear from my special friend, my trainer S., would you tell him I'm doing really good and I said hi?

Lots of love,

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POOCH alum Sheridan, chillin' at home


Sheridan celebrates
5 years!     (February, 2015)

5 years ago today, we became Sheridan's forever home. We love this doofus! Thank you Project POOCH!


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Travis is "King" of his castle      (March, 2014 - February, 2015)

Handsome POOCH alum Travis in his new home

Today has been declared "Travis Day" - in honor of the one-year anniversary of our adopting Travis from Project POOCH! We love him so and feel so lucky to have him in our family. Thank you so much.

We frequently have people stop us on a walk and tell us how good-looking Travis is!! LOL He is so fun! We cannot imagine our life without him, we love him so much! Thanks to all of you!

Travis has a few quirks, and is CRAZY obsessed with squirrels, but he is a very good dog and we love having him to love and spoil. We are so glad his forever home is here.

~Travis' parents

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POOCH Alum, Patton is helping others      (February, 2015)

We are so proud of our POOCH alums, whether they go on to be the beloved family pet, hike mountains, become experts at Agility, or help bring calm to and build trust in those going through difficult times.

POOCH alum Patton, now a therapy dog

We recently learned that POOCH alum, Patton is going above and beyond the call of being the family’s fur baby—he’s helping children overcome their anxieties and fears. Youth helped him at Project POOCH and he’s returning the favor to youth in need. His mom wrote us asking us to share his story:

He is well loved and fully integrated into my home and my life! He is a working dog. He is a member of the Therapy Dog team at Trillium Family Services Children’s Farm Home in Corvallis. He is resilient. Today he was at work at the CFH where he played with several kids, cuddled with a few others, played with a Newfoundland puppy that was bigger than himself, and even sat in on a staff interview. 

He is a skilled and competent therapy dog! He works hard and is intuitive. He has helped ease anxiety on intake, helped a youth see how their behavior impacts others, as well as just been a fun diversion or a friendly visitor. He is also a preferred wake-up routine for some!

Our agency policy requires that dogs need to either be an AKC Good Canine Citizen (which Patton achieved at Project POOCH) and participate in a trial service OR be a certified Therapy Dog to work as a therapy dog. Patton’s not certified as a Therapy Dog yet, but he is already a working dog helping youth in need! We do hope to get the certification soon.

Please give my regards to S. (his POOCH trainer) and the rest of the youth for the great job they did with Patton! As well as to Makai and Sampson for the great job they do with the youth!

Thanks again! I am the lucky one!  He is an awesome, sweet boy.”

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POOCH Alum Fenway is DoveLewis blood donor      (January, 2015)

POOCH Alum Fenway, DoveLewis blood donor!

Fenway is a beloved POOCH alum who visits Project POOCH often.

So, when Fenway’s mom, Tracy S., told us Fenway had become a doggie blood donor for DoveLewis, we were happy and very proud. He is giving back to other dogs in need.

Did you know there are 13 different blood types for dogs? That makes each doggie blood donor even more critical to DoveLewis’ life-saving efforts.

For the next two years, Fenway and his mom will be making regular visits to donate blood. His life was saved and now he is saving the lives of other canines. He’s a hero in our book!

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A great year with Max!      (January, 2015)

Greetings to everyone at Project POOCH! I've been wanting to send an update for months now and finally getting around to it!

POOCH alum Max and Mom, LaceyMax is doing great! We've relocated up to Port Townsend so, even though we're not on an island anymore it seems we get even more beach time! Max loves to chase the waves and smell everything and say hello to other beach strollers. I have to say, it's been a pretty awesome experience to watch him transform from being a bit weary of strangers to trotting up to folks for some admiration! I still bring him to my new job here and he has another little shop dog friend (my coworker’s dog) that he tromps around with while I'm working.

Anyways – here's some pictures for you – a little retrospective of our year together – I have to say, it's one of the best decisions I feel like I've ever made – getting Max – he's such a fun and sweet companion! So thanks guys for bringing us together!

~Lacey and Max

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Rusty chose me      (December, 2014)

POOCH alum Rusty's Christmas CardI can't express enough how grateful I am to have Rusty in my life. You know, I feel like he chose me as much as I did him. Very quickly did Rusty settle in to his new home, and he discovered how fun it is to go visit his next door neighbors (my parents, and their Boston Terrier, Skipper). Skipper and Rusty became fast friends and have great play sessions together. 

Rusty has such a sweetness to him, it's been so wonderful to see him come out of his shell. Also, he's got a spunkiness that just makes you laugh, as he runs around, spins and just smiles! I recall being told that at first he was quite stoic, and a bit unsure of things, well I can safely say, that is not the case anymore. Boy does he know how to have fun! 

I want to thank you for the good you all did for him, he's very well behaved. I can tell he was well cared for and his training really shines through. I'm so grateful to have been involved with Project POOCH, as you are doing wonderful things. 

Thank you so much for helping me to find my new best bud. 

Abby and Rusty

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Murphy, the perfect match!      (December, 2014)

POOCH alum Murphy and his family at Christmas

We really love Murphy and appreciate the time you spent helping us find the perfect match for our family.

He continues to do well and seems to have survived his first day alone while we are at work. He must entertain himself with the toys though, as many of the toys that were in the basket were all over the laundry room when I returned. He is still getting two walks a day. A short walk in the mornings when I work and then a longer walk or run in the evenings. He has done great on his leash and around other dogs. I have taken him to my friend’s house where he would stay if we were gone and he did great with her dog and family so that was a positive.

Susan and Murphy

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Holiday greetings from POOCH alum Bandit and siblings


Holiday Greetings from Bandit      December, 2014)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Bandit (POOCH alum 2010) and his siblings Banjo and Henry!





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Callie Mae loves the outdoors      (December, 2014)


POOCH alum Callie Mae on the trail!

Wanted to share an update for Callie Mae (Ashley). The last 4 years with her have been truly a blessing!  She loves getting out and exploring the trails in the PNW and is my best trail running and hiking partner. It took some time to get there but she has become the most loyal, loving, and charming dog I've known. She was very wary of new people and situations but now loves saying hello to kids on our walks and practically drags me across the street to greet anyone in their 'sunset years'. Quite the change.  These days, she is rarely inappropriately protective and I can trust her instincts about people; which is great since we do a lot of adventures just the two of us.

Callie Mae goes to Dogs Dig It! doggie daycare once a week where they say she is a staff favorite. And when I'm out of town, the pet sitters from Hot Diggity all love hanging out with her. She touches everyone she meets with her gentle spirit and has settled in as an ambassador of love, happiness, and grace.

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POOCH alum Larry and his human sibling

Celebrating his
Larry-versary today!!  (December, 2014)

Six years ago, you brought him to us and helped us start our family (which now also includes two kids, who love him very much!!). Thank you sod much for giving him another chance. We will always be so grateful that you helped bring Larry into our lives!


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Tanner is a happy-go-lucky dog!      (November, 2014)

Hi to all of you at Project POOCH,

Just wanted to give you an update on Tanner, who we adopted in March of 2009.POOCH alum Tanner and Dave at the beach

He is a sweet dog, happy-go-lucky and loves everyone. He wakes up with a smile on his face, and pretty much stays that way most of the day.

He hangs out with our cat, who rules the roost, but he is okay with that.

He gets two long walks a day, and loves to hang out in the backyard where he can chase squirrels and watch the world go by. (Only if the weather permits, as he is otherwise on his bed inside when he's ready.) He's a bit spoiled, to say the least. He also loves to howl when he hears any kind of siren, which is incredibly funny.  

We wanted to thank Project POOCH for their dedication to the young men and dogs in this program. We are grateful to his trainer, A., who we hope has successfully moved on.

In gratefulness,
Tanner, Dave, and Robin

P.S. A donation to follow.

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Ember shows off her fiery personality      (November, 2014)

This note was written to Ember’s POOCH youth trainer….

We were not sure what to name her but Ember seemed appropriate given her fiery personality and also fear of smoke.

POOCH alum Ember on the trailAs you know she can be feisty and spunky and oh so loving. The past few months we have really focused on trying to develop a bond with her and take her to a variety of environments and have her meet all different kinds of people. We are trying to get her more socialized to other dogs because as you know she just wants to play when she sees anything moving….a challenge at times but we welcome it. Some of the photos I have sent your way are her at the beach in Newport, mountain biking up near Seattle, and also on our neighborhood walks or playtimes in the living room. At the beach she loves to chase the waves and find all of the dead sea animals to roll around in. Doug took her up to the snow last week and apparently she ran around in circles trying to eat it and kept forgetting that she could get stuck. She slept the whole way home in the car. She is always on the go so you may notice that many of our photos are blurry, seems fitting for a dog that just needs to be out and explore.

She has been such a welcome addition to our lives, a loving and gentle dog who once it is dark outside wants to snuggle and moans to be near one of us. She is so very motivated to please us; the training and bond you nurtured in her has continued to help us when trying to integrate her into our life. Thank you again for your dedicated and hard work.

I know that we only met on two different occasions but you should know that you are often in our thoughts when we are with Ember and she is doing something funny (or mischievous). In a lot of ways her spunk has been a good reminder of how to approach a new situation or challenge. She seems to embrace, and at times cautiously explore, and then right when you think you understand her, she surprises you with something new. I hope as you prepare to transition away from MacLaren you are able to explore and nurture opportunities for yourself that support the changes you are trying to make in your life. Know that the work you have put into Ember is meaningful and has impacted all of our lives. Thank you!

Take care,
Abby and Doug and of course, Ember

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POOCH alum Benson and Friend at the river's edge


Benson loves to swim
(November, 2014)

He LOVES to swim so we take him to lakes and rivers a lot. He also loves to play fetch (classic Lab), but when he gets tired he either hides under a bush or lays on the ball.

Hope all is well!

~Katie and Steve



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POOCH alum Hokie and MomHokie helps his mom balance
(November, 2014)

My name is Rita. I am friends with one of the volunteer trainers. In 2013, I contacted her about needing to find a large dog. I wanted her to help me train a dog to be a "Balance Dog.

A few weeks later she called and said she had a great dog through Project POOCH. His name was Loki (I changed it to Hokie).

I met him on my birthday in April and a week later he was mine. He has changed my life. I have Spinocerabellar Ataxia. I stumble, stagger and fall.

Hokie goes everywhere with me. If he knows I'm having a bad day he will not leave my side. He is a guardian to me and my 2 smaller dogs.


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Odin, The Great      (November, 2014)

POOCH alum Odin with toy squirrelThis is the funniest thing. I saw one of these big stuffed things full of baby stuffed squirrels so got it for Odin. I guess it is a tree trunk only it is soft and the squirrels are stuck inside. And they squeak. He is supposed to try to get them out as a learning thing. Well, no problem there! I thought he would just tear it up like he does all his toys so far. But there are three baby squirrels inside it and he LOVES them! He chews on them softly, has even fallen asleep with one hanging out his mouth. But he doesn't tear them apart. He sleeps with one or two and as soon as he has his breakfast every morning he runs to find his three squirrels. AND he lets us put it on his nose. We laugh so hard we cry!

Love this dog!!!


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POOCH alum Juno, rousing from a nap with Jeff

Juno, the spoiled wonder dog! (November, 2014)

This is what I woke up to this morning ... Sneaky Juno.

Thanks for matching me with such a perfect friend.


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POOCH alum Donna having a great time at the beach




Donna enjoys the beach      

(October, 2014)

Thank you to Project POOCH for getting Donna (formerly known as Karma) to us! The past 8 months have been so fun and Donna is the best dog we have ever known. We love her so much and feel so lucky that we got to work with Project POOCH!

Thanks again!




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Faith finds a POOCH sister      (October, 2014)

POOCH alum Faith joins POOCH alum Abby

Abby is a POOCH alum that was adopted in 2013. We frequently receive posts to our Facebook page from her mom. When they discovered Faith was available, they knew she should be part of their family. After Faith's adoption, we received this awesome photo of the two POOCH sisters. It is hanging proudly in our education center at the kennel.

~Judy and Joe

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Twobird, our love      (October, 2014)

POOCH alum Two Bird and friend

I have been meaning to check in for months and tell you how the Tubes is doing. Just after the holidays last winter we noticed him really starting to blossom in his new life. It seems it took him some time to "believe" all this love and fun he was experiencing. It was sometime in early spring when we really noticed him reciprocating affection and loving us back, with a level of confidence we hadn't seen before. I wish that contest when you filmed us talking about him had come later in the process because the 6 months after that really closed the circle for our whole family.

Anyway, he is flourishing and we adore him. It took about 8 months to integrate him with Egon the kitty, but they are buddies now and I am proud of that accomplishment. At some point I "told" our cat "hey, this is up to you now, help me out here, quit running away from this guy".  Soon after, Egon walked in our open front door, walked up to Twobird, flopped on his back and started playing with him. Months of reminding Two's to be sweet and gentle and we got it down!

Anyway, Twobird's leg (the one in which he had been shot prior to coming to POOCH) is getting stronger. It was very lame for the first year we had him. After visiting a surgeon in May to check on his options (which we did not like) we decided to treat him with herbs and supplements similar to the anti-inflammatory program we have Mingus on for his arthritic hips. Two's still has a "hitch in his giddy-up" as a friend said, but we address his discomfort when it flares up and his continual use of the leg (now that he doesn't favor it) is making it stronger all the time.

Anyway, thank you for bringing him to us, I just knew he was our guy and am so happy he is in our hands to see him through his particular challenges. His life is good. He goes to the beach and the park and has friends and is adored by everyone.

Best to you guys!
~Diane, Garth, Mingus, Twobird and Egon

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POOCH alum Lady relaxing on the grass


Lady celebrates one year! (July, 2014)

We're happy to be celebrating our one-year anniversary of adopting Lady! She's happy laying out on our deck, meeting new friends at the Silverton dog park and playing chuck-it. And she really loves going to the beach!

Thanks Project POOCH for our special dog.

~Ginger and Nick



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POOCH alum Larry and his 'Larry Loves Portland' book


Larry loves his book (July, 2014)

Larry showing off his new book (he misses Portland!) and happy to be relaxing on the couch.

We adopted him about 5.5 years ago and still treasure every day with him.



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POOCH alum Bree, a true 'water dog'



Bree, the water dog
(July, 2014)

I just have to send you a couple of photos of Bree. We adopted her from POOCH in 2009 and are thrilled with our "water dog".

When she's not playing in the Willamette or rafting with her friends, she has her backyard doggie pool.




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POOCH Alum Luna on hike with new Husky brother


POOCH alum, Luna and her new brother, Odin went on their first hike together yesterday.
(June, 2014)



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Letter from Joey      (April, 2014)

Dear Project POOCH,

POOCH alum Joey and his human "sister"Hi everyone! This is Joey, I know I haven't written in a while, sorry.  I have been in my forever home for a little over 2 years now. I really love my family, and they really love me too!  My job here is to be a companion and I am excellent at it! I just love to be with my people. :) It really doesn't matter what we are doing as long as we are together. I just like to go everywhere and anywhere, especially if my mom goes. She always lets me go with her. In the winter she wraps me in a blanket when we go, so I won't get cold. I stay super close to my mom all the time and she jokes with me that my name could have been "shadow".  : ) When I am near her she always pets me or just lays her hand on me. : )

I have 2 beds one in the living room and one of course is next to my mom’s bed. She straightens my blankets for me every night and covers me up. Sometimes I stay under the covers sometimes I don't. My mom often will have a throw blanket on her lap and I have come up with a great way to have her share.... all I do is sit really close like I always do. Then I sit on a corner of the blanket. She doesn't seem to notice so I pull a little....wait...wiggle around and pull a little more...wait...pull the blanket a little more and soon I have enough blanket to lay on too! It works wonderfully and she never notices. ; ) I am so smart!! 

About a month ago my family and I stayed in a cabin on the coast and I got really scared in the middle of the night because I had never been away from my house overnight before.  I started to cry.  My mom woke up and slept on the floor with me so I wouldn't be afraid. That made me feel a whole lot better. The second night wasn't as scary.  

My grandma has been recovering from cancer surgery and I have been helping her keep her spirits high. 

I am really good with all the kids in my life. I love to play around and have fun but for the most part I am a super mellow guy. I make the funniest noises, all kinds of them but I don't hardly ever bark. If I do it's because I think something is not right. I don't stop until someone investigates what I'm barking at. Only after my people investigate and show me it’s ok do I stop barking. On yeah, forgot to tell you I am turning gray and my family thinks it is adorable. 

I fit in here perfectly and I am so grateful to you guys at POOCH for helping me and caring for me in my time of need. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Please tell all my friends there that I said hi. I am sending some pics with this email. 

Lots of love, hugs, and kisses,

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